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Oct 302012
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Funny how things happen, some days. I had a fantastic workshop last Saturday & we had a very talented model join us for a few hours to do various shoots around the area, another story with more images to follow.

I am digressing from the image above. On the Sunday morning after the workshop I met with some friends & we walked around our quiet city centre. I fitted my 50mm F2.8 prime lens, that I don’t use enough.  I was walking along & I swear that I was drawn too take this image, it moved me emotionally or spiritually not sure really but I got down on the wet grass & shot this shot. It has a surreal look & feel for me.

 I went to a talk that Tony Bridge gave a couple of weeks ago & he said that your subconscious directs you to take images that may take 3-5years to fully understand. So I look forward to the next 3-5 years, what will it bring????????????????????

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  2 Responses to “Reaching”

  1. Love it Scott.
    For me its : Natures building vs Mans building. Natural growth vs demolistion. A reminder that mother nature is way more powerful.

  2. I also think its great and agree with everything Tim said.
    The contrast between the sharp tree and the soft misty view to the machinery emphasises the comparison

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