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Oct 282012
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As energy flows past us
the shape of our thoughts are multiplied….. and repeated
in the world around us.
Our thoughts shape our world…..
What shape are your thoughts?

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  4 Responses to “Wake”

  1. What do you mean by the shape of our thoughts are multiplied??

    • I think that usually thoughts are multiplied in our own heads. The churning and repetition of one thought. Infact when I think about it a thought that occurs only once will never be remembered. If , as it seems, our thoughts influence our physical reality then this repetition thing is powerful. Bit of a worry when it’s so easy to repeat negative thoughts. opps that’s a negative thought. Bugger. I,ll look at the sunset and think good things.

  2. Got you now. It’s hard trying to deflect the thinking patterns that you want to change. I agree that what we think shapes our world. Believing that it then intrigues me about the possibilities we could have to co create our days. Thanks tim for a timely reminder for me.

  3. Interesting conversation…..
    It also seems to me that negative thoughts for some reason are much more easily multiplied. Being positive requires support and effort.

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