Heart over Head

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Oct 272012
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I am very aware that I can work in two completely different ways.  The first is when I am wanting to achieve a particular effect and I bring to bear my own ego, technical knowledge and manipulation to the image.  The previous post was an example of this method.
The second method is when I become hugely aware that there is something going on in front of me yet I can't see it with my eyes.  In effect I am trying to photograph something that no one can see.  If I try to control the effect I see in the display screen after taking a shot they never seem to have the mysteriously exciting quality that speaks to me.  For me these images are the ones that completely fascinate me, the process of the capture is a hugely integral part of the act and so is the reflective thinking when I look through the images.  This is what my art process is truly about, it is unrepentantly self-indulgent and the images are made for me alone – but should they speak to someone else, too, then I believe I have shared something greater than myself.

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  1. I work the same way. The later process amazes me. The insites into myself the universe and everything that can be gained by NOT thinking about it are incredible I like the image. The detail being born by the ethereal wings.

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