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Oct 222012
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Further Study of the Queen

Dave raised an interesting idea a while back when I posted a picture from the house we're living in this year. A portrait of her. I've taken you up on that Dave.

One of the features of this house that I love is the light that enters. I'm not sure why it's so different from home – whether it's the old glass, untinted windows, the mellow interior, or the light décor that reflects and relays it. The morning sun filters through venetian blinds, playing hide and seek with the trees and creating old flickering movies that fade in and out across the east facing room walls.

The afternoon sun is unimpeded and it's strong, warm and golden light melts into the west facing rooms creating a glow from each room that permeates into the long, wide, high ceilinged hallway, creating a set of spotlights along the hall carpet. Festoons of over the top swags are highlighted by it. Old Dot, who has left so much of her presence in the house, apparenty last redecorated in the eighties. Some of her treasures have stood the test of time better than others and we have learned to leave the nets well alone. They will depart in their own good time, of their own volition. But in the meantime their glow shows me that wonderful light that filters through and softens my view of the interior.

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  1. Looks just like a proscenium arch to me. Framing the world outside? In the synchronous nature of things I have just been haveing a robust discussion about an exhibit we are working on and the need to frame any forced persceptive or to make it work.

  2. the picture says “warmth” to me loud and clear.
    Along with your words it paints a wonderful picture for me – a successful portrait I would say

  3. These curtains and the way they are draped have always intrigued me whenever I see them in houses, especially the older ones. It reminds me of sitting in a theatre, waiting for the curtain to go up and some grand performance to begin. The excitement and expectation mounts as you wonder what is about to take place, the stage is set and ready for us to take our places in it.

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