Long suffering Mrs O

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Oct 192012
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Poor Mrs O, Carol to her family, she has to put up with all my little moods and tantrums and she has just carried on for 25 years now. I for one have no idea why she ever married me in the first place she could have done so much better and deserves to have done so. Every day she is there for me supporting me in whatever crazy idea I have and never moans. She is like a Labrador really she just is always there and always can put a smile on my face regardless of what has been thrown our way.
Without Carol I would be totally lost I don't think I would function. It's great to have someone in my life like that as I'm sure we all have. I, for one, take her totally for granted and this is a really bad thing but after so long I guess it's just the way life evolves. I must stop that.
But whatever you do don't tell her about this otherwise she will have me doing the dishes in a flash!!!!

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  1. Nice words Ferg for a wonderful Lady who has put up with you for sooo many years ,She deserves a medal. My patient wife had a car accident yesterday, she is ok but her car rolled & she ended up upside down, Many people came to her help, but Today I thought about what if it had all gone wrong & she wasn’t here. Not a nice thought, we do take them for granted no more for me.

  2. Oh yes the sum is more than the sum of the parts.

  3. yes, we all need to treasure who and what we have for as long as we have them for we don’t know what tomorrow may bring

  4. Hey Carol, you look great. Being away form the shaky Christchurch must be agreeing with you. Ferg, you are a lucky man.

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