The Hound Kennels

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Oct 172012
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I have spent the past 5 months recording a season of hunting with the Rangitikei Hunt and creating a book which documents how the hunt, its members and the properties they hunt over are connected.  It is a work that belongs to the project I talked about in my last post.  What I have ended up with is a phenomenal  piece of work that has intimately captured New Zealand's version of a tradition which goes back several centuries and has its roots in Europe and the U.K.  It tells the story of what people do in a given point of time, it is a means of sharing  a history that binds past to present and in so doing helps direct future decisions.
This one image from the book particularly appeals to me because when I visited the kennels to meet the hounds the overriding impression was a sea of black, tan and white and a swirl of bodies and wagging sterns.  The hounds are seldom still when they are working and to capture them in action is difficult.  I thought their ears would stream back when they ran but they flop up and down with most of my shots appearing as if I had captured Dumbo the flying Elephant in full flight. 

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  5 Responses to “The Hound Kennels”

  1. Great image, really love it, full of action, KOOL

  2. Yes Great image. Happy dogs

  3. Perfect rendition of hound energy! Makes me want to be there.

  4. Sometimes a visual image is powerful enough to evoke a perception of a response in other senses.

    When I look at this I can “hear’ the excited barking of the hounds.

    Great picture

  5. Pauline, I like the sense of energy and expecation you have captured in the image.

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