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Oct 132012
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Long before the February 2011 earthquake munted more than a fair share of Christchurch, the CBD was alive with businesses, culture, tourism and hospitality.  It was also alive with creative thinkers and people who used the city spaces in healthy ways no city planner or urban architect would have ever considered ahead of time.
A group of Parkour enthusiasts used to train in the city every Tuesday.  They've likely continued in alternate locations, but I have no idea where anymore.  These were mostly young adults with free spirits, a sense of rebellion which was balanced by a realistic understanding of social tolerance, and a healthy lack of mental blocks related to what the body is supposed to do.  Watching these kids train specific moves again and again until they became engrained in muscle memory was pretty inspiring.  Falls on the concrete, scrapes, torn pants and twisted ankles were all par for the course.  Yet they kept at the task until progress was made.
So why is it these kids understood it was ok to fail in pursuit of a goal or task in the short term?  How did they know they'd eventually find a way to make a running flip over the council building water feature?  What's stopping you from reaching your goal?  Self doubt, lack of persistence, reluctance to find a different way; these are all parts of human nature.  But what a feeling when they are overcome!








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  5 Responses to “Free Runners”

  1. Hi David This is great!

  2. Dave, love the juxtaposition of soft and hard and the tension between those.

  3. It’s just like learning to walk as a baby- we don’t seem to get too fussed when we wobble and fall at first. But somewhere along the way, we pick up being hard on ourselves if we don’t do things perfect the first time. We say we gain wisdom as we grow older. It just occurred to me that I hope that doesn’t really mean stop trying new things! Or losing freshness in attitude ! I read somewhere to do one thing that scares you every day – or something new everyday … Maybe that’s a really good idea Getting caught in the routine of everyday might gradually close doors on our creativity, but doing new and/or scary things might just serve to open them back up

  4. A delight to look at and read, this post. A great energetic picture… Much of your work has a huge energy about it and I really enjoy the thoughts you share.

  5. Like it. Its what we need at the moment.

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