Love and Protection

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Oct 092012
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This is a concept that is very important in the movie industry, but I believe it is just as important in the world of still photography. It is about directing your shot, getting the lighting right, what do you want in the image, what is the story going to be about, what are YOU trying to say by taking this image.
This image of the Monkeys I had Previsualise to some degree at home. I knew the look I wanted to capture. I had to get into the right position to get the lighting in the right place, then most important I had to be patient & wait for the two Monkeys to play the scene in my still movie. It didn’t take too long, about an hour waiting & watching to get this scene right, but I love it. The connection between the adult & the juvenile is as loving & protective as I had hoped for. This is the story “love & protection”.

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  2 Responses to “Love and Protection”

  1. Great result from a dedicated approach Scott. Love the monochrome treatment too.

  2. Monkeys!?!?
    I thought it was a self portrait!

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