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Oct 082012
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Sometimes you just happen upon a scene that just sings to you, it has a feeling, a depth.
It's not all that easy at times to totally understand just what the view is saying to you as we, at times, are so closed off we just don't want to hear about it or attempt to understand it.

This was not one of those times!

The planets aligned and I got transfixed on these two old chairs. I must have spent a half an hour photographing this and just thinking. To me it's all about friendship, or more precisely long term friendship.

I imagined a story in my head of the last two people that sat in these chairs.

Two old buggers that had been everywhere and done everything together for many many years. They knew that their lives coming to the end and were just sitting back reflecting on life and what it had given them. Forever they are linked and forever they will share these memories.

It got me thinking………..

Why is it that we have “special” friendships with people even though we don't see them for years at a time? They are within our hearts even though we are not aware of it. At some time they were a huge part of our lives and now just a passing thought until we meet them then instantly we are taken right back to where we left of the last time we were together.

True friendship.

The best type!

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  4 Responses to “Two Chairs”

  1. Nice post, they say when you die if you have 5 true friends at your graveside you are a wealthy person.

  2. I like the way this image avoids telling any specific story and so invites the imagination to take over.

  3. I remember you being quite transfixed with those chairs Ferg, while we were scrambling up there amongst the timber somewhere. You, with this wonderful flow of thoughts, have produced something very special here, and so much more of a story than I managed at the time. There is so much here to lose oneself in, to take a wander through imagination and ownhead stories.

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