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Oct 062012
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One of my current projects has been to begin recording rural New Zealanders and they ways in which they interact with the land. I am particularly interested in those people who have a passionate and/or long term connection with the land. This image belongs to the theme about a travelling farrier who has spent his lifetime in the trade and two of his sons are also farriers. The older son has represented NZ overseas and continues to take this traditional skill into the modern world. I travel with them into the farming districts around Wanganui and get to see some great scenery, meet some real people and hear some wonderful stories along the way. I love it.

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  6 Responses to “The Forge”

  1. Haven been a part time farrier for several year in a past life, well about 15 years ago, I loved it,the heat, the sweat, the smell of a good horse. Great shoot, hit a chord in my heart, Thank you

  2. Very powerful image.

  3. What a great project.

  4. A straight shot! This will be a wonderful series I imagine. You’ve encapsulated the sense of the farrier at work in a very strong way. This says lots – no words needed.

    • Yeah yeah a straight shot!! I was interested to see what my husband would say when he saw it posted…. and he said the same thing, “Wow, now that’s a real photograph, that’s your best one yet!”. Gotta love your partner really.

  5. Beautiful image! struggled to get the farrier connection straight away and still isnt overt to me, the thing that was successful for me though was the connection with the land you caught with his arm and tattoo! real sense of a working man moari, grounded. Not sure if hes moari or not but it came out as an amazing photo! loaded. loving the contrast in the image and the ideas, subtle visually (to me) but strong in connection with your projects ideals. Nice work!

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