Winter Sunset – Shona Jaray

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Oct 042012
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Kapiti Island is much photographed, as are sunsets, however I have chosen this image as to me it reflects how I felt at the time. It was late afternoon in June and it was cold. I was tired and a wee bit grumpy.  This beach, especially in winter can offer peace and solitude, and provide an opportunity to gather ones thoughts. If you go down to the Southern end of Waikanae Beach when the tide is out you get some amazing patterns in the sand. I discovered this quite by accident and have subsequently found that it is quite difficult to get the tide right and the light right at the same time.
Shona Jaray 19 September, 2012

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  6 Responses to “Winter Sunset – Shona Jaray”

  1. Thank Shona for sharing your lovely image.

  2. Hi Shona. Kapiti has been often photographed – but rarely as beautifully as this.

    I am interested that you were “cold, tired and a bit grumpy” when you made this. All these emotions are edgy so you made a dramatic slightly edgy image. Perhaps if you had been feeling warm and chirpy then you would have seen something completely different.

    Grumpy might be a good emotion for picture making….

  3. Wow! …and Welcome! Ferg certainly knows how to pick them. I like Ian’s comments and also wonder if the picture comes as the transition between the states. The beach is always a good place for me, too.

  4. Great composition and lighting. It is mainly a hard edge image which makes the soft whispy clouds all the more significant.

  5. Shona, I find it hard to imagine you as grumpy but as Ian touched on it has come through in your image. Maybe you should be grumpy more often.

  6. A real honour to be asked to post on your website – thank you! Hard to explain a philosophy in one paragraph – and often hard to make ones image reflect feelings. I don’t often get grumpy – but I am human!

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