Lightning storm over Christchurch

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Sep 302012
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For me Photography is about telling a story, putting emotion into an image. To do this you have to think before you press the shutter, think about it like poetry telling a visual poem. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, the greatest of these move us the way the photographer was moved when they pressed the shutter.
SO, how do we achieve this, we need education & inspiration we need to seek out people who can take us to the next stage of our journey, remember that there is no destination, only the journey.
Over the last 4 years I have competed Internationally, as I wanted to know where my level of Photography stood in the International circuit, I have achieved a lot over this time, over 500 awards with 120 different images. By following a simple formula, the 5 questions I ask myself before I take an image. I covered this in my post-dated August the First 2012.
I am offering a creative photography workshop in an environment that is unique & inspirational to help you travel on your journey to another space by visiting history dating back to 1859. We will live on the station in rustic spacious accommodation, we will be feed well; you will each get your own room, maybe your own building. I will inspire you to try new techniques to enhance your voice in your images. We will tell stories through our lenses that say who we are & where we have been. I will tell you my secrets to my success by showing you how I compose my images by storyboarding. Creating that visual poem.

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