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Sep 262012
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Another image from my Stewart Island trip.  At Port William I took a break from the many tasks that filled my day and wandered around awhile with my camera in hand.  Down on the beach I found this lovely little ‘arrangement’. 

I took the image in landscape format, but I like it rotated – it looks like a breaking wave, and of course it was a little wave that created the pattern.  And the various components of the sand have created my silvery sky and dark sea.

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  1. for me the whole point of “wandering around with a camera in hand” is to see wonderful gems like this.

    90% of non photographers dont see them

  2. and i agree that the design elemenst work perfectly in this portrait orientation

  3. one of the things that I like about photography is how the camera creates a “zen” window that allows us to pause and solely concentrate on that one thing that is confined to the dimensions of the viewfinder. This image does that for me, I am guilty of simply enjoying all the visual elements and roaming round and round it with nothing more than indulging in the pleasure of what I am seeing. Thanks Vicki.

  4. Gorgeous Vicki! I love the simplicity, the colours and tones and the apparent abstract nature of the picture that suddenly becomes a perfect moment of reality when one looks closer. Thank you for finding this treasure!

  5. I agree with Ian and Pauline ,wandering around with the camera shows use things that we might otherwise not fully appreciate . Interestingly the restriction of the viewfinder and often other restrictions like depth of field or other blurring techniques actually expand our understanding. Very nice image Vicky.

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