Sunday afternoon in Sydney

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Sep 252012
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I rediscovered this image recently when I was asked to bring some work which perhaps had not done as well as I would have liked at its first viewing.

This one was too blurry and a bit hard to understand – so I was told.

However I have always liked it, as for me it speaks of chilling out on a relaxed summers day with nothing in particular to do. That is exactly how I was when I made it.

I was delighted when the audience who viewed it this time (all aGatherers) saw exactly what I was on about.

From this I made two conclusions.

Firstly on this blog we have produced a wonderful audience for ourselves. By looking each day at a range of images from each other we have gained an understanding of the way each of us speaks and we are receptive to the messages being sent.

Secondly, I think at times you have to pick your audience. Sometimes, no matter how well crafted or how clear the vision in a picture is, some people just won't like it and won't bother to really look.

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  1. Thank you Ian ,your post is spot on I look forward each day to viewing another work of art from a fellow artist. You are right some people just look at an image but never really see what is there. I feel sorry for these individuals but that is their lot so too speak.

  2. Bang on Ian. I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that I have to find the right audience for the work… Or be prepared to do work to fit the audience. And sometime neither are relevant – sometimes you need to make the work just for you.

    The thing that fascinates me with some audiences is the assumption that there was no creative, deliberate choice made and that because it was not made to their expectations then you made a mistake.

    Studying any image with an open mind is key, and the huge value of a group like this, especially when we all do such different work.

  3. Thanks for the comments Guys – Jen I think that predominantly we should “make the work just for you”

    However I havnt come to a satisfactory conclusion for myself on the importance of an audience. If the purpose of art is communication then we need someone to communicate with.

    Im not down on anyone who doesnt want to look hard enough to understand, afterall there are plenty of things that Im not interested in, Im just not bothered by their reaction.

  4. Good point on the audience thing. We are lucky here to have a like minded audience. Ian I love this image? The three people must be friends not a couple. The cloud shows its sunny and gives a light feel. The blur gives it a beautiful relaxed tome doesnt matter feel The opera house is like a church for the arts , perfect for a Sunday.

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