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Sep 222012
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Waitara River 2012

There seems to be a sense of calm descending upon me. I see my pictures moving from dark and busy spaces to a more quiet place. Testament to less of a need to try to drive the bus, but to let it take me places I might not have conceived of myself. We will see… if one takes this one a little more literally theres a bit of a birdsnest tangle there still.

The sense of this tangle of reeds floating in what could be either air or water is what drove me to present it this way, and I resisted the urge to mess any further with nature and clean up debris. It's part of the lifecycle.

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  3 Responses to “Still”

  1. Itsnot until I look back at my own images that I realize just how my mood impacts my images.
    Good to see the calm returning, long may it stay!

  2. Very powerful, to recognise the tangle and let it be.

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