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  1. You didn’t need to say a thing about this it’s as identifiable as your signature is. The more I look at it he more I see.

  2. WOW.

    lines, symmetry, triangles, and a person in just the right place – perfect design and perfect seeing and perfect treatment. Love it

  3. Simple but powerful, a great image to spend time with, thanks

  4. Wow
    yes I agree with all of the above. You handle the bold with such finesse John. For me it speaks of where many of us are in canterbury are at the moment. Expected to fit into some predefined grid even though the facts are at an angle to that. Expected to be on a one direction path down.

  5. Stunning John.

    Everything in the picture adds to the story and there isnt anything that doesnt need to be there.

    “Simplicity on the far side of Complexity”

    • Ian, you are so right with the simplicity quote that I try to live by. I have visited that gallery for years and tried to get a good image and always without success. Besides the timing to get the person in the right place, all it took was a twist of the camera angle so it was no longer perfectly horizontal.

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