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Sep 192012
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I was recently privileged to view another member of aGathering's image of this iconic building. It's a brilliant shot as we are all used to seeing from Ian. It inspired me to post this.
I'm sure that by now most of you have worked out what and where it is. Sorry to say it's not the library in Mosgiel but of course the Sydney Opera House.
It got me thinking……………
Without seeing the whole structure we instantly recognise this building and therefore its location. Is this the same assumption that we make of people when we see them each day?
I for one think it is.
I recently attended the funeral of a lovely lady that lost her battle with cancer. She was the Mum of a good friend and was a lovely person.
At the funeral was an old school mate that, when I told him what I was now doing, looked shocked at me not believing that I had a creative bone in my body.
This triggered another thought, who am I?
Am I the person that I was at 20 years old, am I the person that I am now or am I a combination of all of the times in between?
I'm a great believer that we take a small part from each person we meet in life and this combines to produce the person that we are today therefore we, or more precisely our personalities, are constantly in a state of flux. I can see how I have changed since picking up a camera and also can clearly see the influence each and everybody in this group has had on me. I guess this is the strength of the collective.
So who am I?
I'm a collective unit of all the people and experienced that have passed my way over a lifetime of adventure.
I look forward to many more experiences in the future!

Who will I become……………………………………………………………

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  5 Responses to “Who am I”

  1. Very thoughtful post & thank you for being part of my life, we are all influenced by the people we meet, especially the one we call friends, peers or what ever you want to call them. The beauty of aGathering is we all bare our souls in our images & tell it how it is, by doing this we all grow. You are Ferg & their is only one, you walk in your own shoes & have had your own life, this is evident in your images.

  2. Someone very scary if you hang around us too long! But you are absolutely correct – we are the product of our encounters and experiences through life, good and bad. And the huge gene pool of our makeup. A recent National Geograpic request for participants in a DNA survey just reminded me how physically we are connected on some level, however dilute the mix.

    As to the creativity comment – we only see what we (want to) see in people. Like we only know what we know. Unless we become the explorer and start looking, listening and questioning. Look back at your gene pool. Your particular creative style has some origins there I bet, however much it has been steered by you experiences since. I’d love to know what you find. The creativity may be there in ways you have never noticed before. And once recognised could be drawn on for further inspiration.

    It is so easy to make assumptions when we meet someone/something new based on the “me” we are at that point. What if we treated every encounter whether physical or personal as an opportunity to broaden our own horizons and let that connection be a new part of us. Pretty good ever renewing cocktail methinks!

  3. an interesting hypothesis Ferg – and makes for some deep thinking. We are who we think we are – when and wherever and with whomever we are – not sure where that is though. So I might just try and enjoy me and my people around me.

  4. Very interesting thoughts Ferg and a good image of a brillent building. The who am I question is a big one. Are you still you if you were alone on mars ? Or if you lose your legs? Or 100 years old? I think there is a core you but the other things are important too. Take them away and it does change you. Our experiances should change us, That’s the whole point, to learn from this life time.

  5. Great post Ferg.

    I dont think that we have enough time in a life to come close to maximising the possibilities.

    And as you say we keep growing and changing as long as we are prepared to move forward.

    For me the key is to always move forward and it doesnt matter if it is deeper into one specialised area or on a completely different track.

    As long as we are passionate about something we will continue to move.

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