Fire Urchin

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Sep 182012
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Another PNG underwater shot.

Many, if not most, things underwater in the tropics are poisonous or will sting you. Fire urchins are one of those. The rest are cleverly camouflaged or live in a hole to avoid being eaten. Only a few are like regular fish and they are the ones swimming around trying to eat the others. The poisonous and camouflaged creatures are usually the most amazing colours though. Life abounds, there are often more creatures in front of you than you could possibly count. Warm, lots to eat ,so much life , so much colour.

I think that there can be parallels to people who live in similar a environment. Life is good, its warm , there is plenty to eat, so life can be mostly pretty layed back. The people are colourful, enjoying bright colours more than people from colder climates. But the flip side is that, with plenty of energy to spare, people can be suddenly violent. Its worth remembering that we are not all the same in the world, thankfully.

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  1. You are right there, I spent a short time in PNG & was witness to that violence, in some place life is not worth a hell of a lot. It takes all sorts to make this world of ours spinround

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