The Soul Bird

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Sep 172012
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One of my favourite books is written by Michal Snunit whose simple explanation of our soul gives us a delightful yet profound opportunity to look deep inside ourselves.
I quote from her book “The Soul Bird”
Deep down, inside our bodies, lives the soul.  No one has ever seen it, but we all know it's there.  Not only do we know it's there, we know what's in it, too.
Inside the soul, right in the very middle of it, there's a bird standing on one foot.  This is the soul bird. It feels everything we feel.  When someone hurts our feelings, the soul bird runs round and round in pain.  When someone loves us, it hops and skips up and down backwards and forwards.  When someone calls our name, it listens carefully to hear what kind of call it is…..
…. Deep down, inside, lives the soul.  No one has ever seen it, but we all know it's there.  Never, never has a person been born who didn't have a soul.  It sparks the moment we are born and never leaves us- not even once- for as long as we live….
….Most important is to listen to the soul bird, because sometimes it calls us and we don't hear it.  This is a shame – it wants to tell us about ourselves.  It wants to tell us about the feelings that are locked up inside…
….Some of us hear it all the time.  Some almost never.  And some of us hear it only once in a lifetime.


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  3 Responses to “The Soul Bird”

  1. I strongly believe that if we listen to our soul we can achieve a greater level of understanding. If we get out of our own way we will be more creative, must be the bird inside.

  2. Great image. I like that it is not symetrical. and that the wings wrap around protecting and concealing but able to open and soar when needed.

  3. Pauline I love how the picture tells the story beautifully by itself but the title and your words both add a level of understanding.

    I get the same sense of potential release that Tim speaks of.

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