The Bikie

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Sep 162012
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We were out wandering with our cameras, checking out the current state of demolitions in town, as you do.  In Gloucester Street, (opposite the ex-main library, looking through the half-demolished tunnel that used to be Chancery Arcade, a few metres from the Farmers car park building where I’d waited to capture “The Escape”, and decades of other memories jostling to join this list) above the sounds of wrecking I heard a clattering sound and turned to see what could be making it.  It took a while for them to reach us, but it was two guys on these trike things.  I laughed – discretely of course – I didn’t want them to take offense.  It was all just too unreal.  With everything else that was going on we could have been part of an apocalypse movie set!  But Mel Gibson was nowhere in sight.


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  1. Mel Gibson no , but he looks like the monster garage guy.
    Looks like a peddle powered drift trike. A friends daughters boyfriend was into this or I think actually the downhill long skateboard. They are pretty orginized and travel to meetings up and down the country. With helmets and leathers they reach crazy speeds on public roads. All fairly dangerous of course, as many good things are. To be encouraged. Power to the skilled risk taker.

  2. Boys & their toys as they say. It would have been really funny to witness this good on you for capturing this.

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