By the land, by the lake

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Sep 152012
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Jen asked about the original version of the By the Lake image in my last post. Here it is…

The image was my contribution for the group exhibition which follows the “Inner Light” workshop that many of us have experienced. These are the words which accompanied the image


The “Sea of Rippling Waters” provides a heartbeat to the land.

As I stood beside the road, high above the lake, it took very little imagination to see before me a place as it was before the people came.

I saw Aotearoa in its raw form.

I have flown over Te Urewera but I had never actually set foot there. From the air Lake Waikaremoana stands out like an island in an ocean of forest. But on the ground, in person, it is more, much more.

My family lineage is British and I have been to places in Great Britain which have family
connections. They were interesting, and there was something a little special, but they did not feel like home. But here, in a place totally new to me, I felt different. I could sense spirits smiling at me from the white ripples on the lake and gazing down from the tall trees in the mist of the forest.

I am not European, I AM Pakeha.

At Waikaremoana I somehow felt that I was recognised.

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  2 Responses to “By the land, by the lake”

  1. I agree. While my genetic lineage is from elsewhere I feel a spiritual connection to the land here.

  2. Hi Ian, your comments reminds of when I first moved here. The first night I spent in my new house, I thought “I am home. This is where I am supposed to be” A few years later, I moved back to Texas for a short while. It never seemed right and where to live was a confusing thing for while. Then I came back to NZ for a visit, it was clear. As soon as I walked through Auckland airport, I thought, “this is where I am supposed to be” Then hiking by a river, it became even more clear. So, as you know, back I came and here I am…. still 🙂

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