The Maori Jesus – Michael McQueen

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Sep 142012
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I see myself as a social documentary/street photographer.

I love making images that occur in an uncertain environment. They have an energy that is often lacking in planned images. When I photograph I remain open to the universe and to chance. A type of photographic improvisation.
I guess I’m commenting on my experience of the world, much like a photojournalist. You have to see and feel moments. You also have to love people, and have an empathy for your subject. This gives me a great feeling of responsibility when documenting with my camera.
My personal viewpoint and when I click the shutter creates my style. It's not about postwork or any kind of aesthetic styling. “Form follows Function.” But I do like to use wide lenses and get close.

“The Maori Jesus”. 2011. Image shot on a Pentax MX on Ilford Delta 100, 35mm Black & White film.

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  3 Responses to “The Maori Jesus – Michael McQueen”

  1. Welcome Michael & thankyou for sharing your wonderful B&W image.

  2. Great to be ask to share on your great site. Trying to sum up my work in one paragraph and one image is was very difficult. Would love to post again one day:)

  3. Welcome Mike. This fella has a definite knowing look about him. He seems to be guarding whatever is hidden behind the cinder block walls. The similarities of tone and texture from his hair to the wall makes him appear as an extension of the physical boundary. A lot of questions to be asked of those eyes, and I suspect this would be even more engaging on paper.

    Alas, the street beckons me to keep walking with not much more than a polite nod. Hope to see more of your work here as well.

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