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Sep 122012
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Stormwater Outlet Waitara River

There are no excuses; we know the drill, and the effects of our lifestyle on our resources. Yet it is all too easy to gloss over. To gloss over our kaitiaki responsibilities.  To forget about the results of our actions. Here is a very clear reminder if we get it wrong. A telltale spot in the river. No escaping that.

All it takes is washing the car on the driveway. Rinsing out the paint brushes where the water can get into the stormwater drains. Oil spills on the drive. Garbage in/garbage out.

And the whitebaiters line the banks.

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  2 Responses to “Input/Output”

  1. So much truth in you words Jen, as usual!
    We seem to think we are here on this planet at this time to do whatever we like with no consequences. Now that’s the dumbest idea ever!

  2. Each action has an equal & opposite reaction?

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