Dark Princess

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Sep 102012
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I like the look of this image it has mystic about it for me, it is not kind to the models face but for me this helps to tell the story or should I say it helps me make the story.

B&W for me is a drug I just can’t get enough of it, how far is my artistic bent going to go. Is it about me coming to terms with a troubled upbringing, is there a dark secret in my life I am coming to terms with, I don’t know but I certainly am not going to stop what is happening I am loving it.

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  1. Thought what the hell no one else is going to comment so I will myself. I find it rather annoying that we put images up & dont comment on them & I am to blame as anyone else, we are all busy in our own worlds. It would be nice if we got some sort of feedback otherwise how are we going to know. But then again do we really give a dam what someone thinks about our images, we like our own image, well I hope so. It is all about travelling along the artistic road to where, who knows, but we travel it anyway. Someone once said to me, we all have the artist in us we just have to be brave enough to let it out?

  2. Hi Scott, Perhaps better late then never 😉

    For me this is not a portrait….

    The lighting and the treatment have made this into theatre rather than reportage where you tell us a little about the subject. You are acting as director and your model is the actor.

    …Unless she really is a “dark princess”

  3. That is one way of doing a model shoot being the director as did William Mortenson in the 1930’s. I like to control the scene as I see it in my head, it is how I produce & create my final image. It is one way there are many. thank you for your comments Ian:)

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