Flow of Life

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Sep 092012
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Life, like water, always flows on.

We have no choice in this it is a fact.

We can't stop this flow, regardless what we do it will continue.

As nice as it would be to be able to freeze it just for a moment to take a breath or two and relax that is a thing that never will happen we have to keep on keeping on otherwise we are just wasting our precious resource.

What are you doing with the most precious resource of all………………………time?

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  7 Responses to “Flow of Life”

  1. Nice, time is in short supply, in way that we live life now, we have forgotten to stop & smell the roses so too speak. It is a skill we need to relearn how to slow down I enjoy life, we dont need everything this second.

  2. I use the time I have been given – to contemplate so I can deepen my relationship with myself
    – for connection to others so Ican experience intimacy and belonging
    – And to be in and with nature, so I can commune with the sacred

  3. Thoughts aside, you guys should all be bloody proud of the photos you have put up and I bet, secretly, you have all benefited from a wee bit of pressure to deliver… it might not last forever but I am enjoying the ride!

    • Hi Blue. No secret at all the “pressure” is one of the best parts!! We are fast approaching our one year anniversary and still rolling on…..

  4. I have given “four hours of my time to do anything you want to – with me” to grandchildren and other young people (and older persons as well). I have managed to go to some weird places with the young !!! And enjoyed them too.

    Good thought Ferg – I agree that I time IS precious

  5. For me the key is to enjoy the moment regardless of where you are. Waterfalls and lazy deep sections both are good. Its also good not knowing where the sea is!!

  6. Time is something we all dont have enough of so each & every second is important however you use it enjoy it.

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