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Sep 082012
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A Clown Frog Fish with his lure out.

Looking just like a piece of sponge, this guy is about 10 mm long and gets a feed by fishing for his prey with his built in retractable lure. When something comes in range he can expand his mouth something like twenty times at incredible speed and swallow it up. Usually you don't see the lure out. They mostly just walk around on the sea floor rather than swim.

We are in PNG at the moment making pictures to weird stuff like this. I find that when I am in a different environment, away from the very very familiar, photography becomes more of a recording medium, where the image is just about a literal representation of the subject. It is harder to put more depth of meaning into an image because there is not that depth of understanding. Even though this is my sixth trip here and they are generally about a month long, so that most of the stuff here I have seen many times before, it is still so wonderful that it is hard to go beyond just recording it.

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  1. I tmight be ordinary and just a record shot for you, but to us land lubbers it is extra ordinary – so sharp where it has to, so small AND taken underwater. Phenomenal in my opinion

  2. Hope you guys are having a fantastic time! Thank you for hitting the nail very accurately on the head regarding recording when away in different environments. I have found the same and I think it is really a great thing. It becomes an exercise in sharing the differences rather than reinterpreting the same if that makes sense. I find myself pressing the shutter often with a conversation with someone at home happening in my head – so the documented image actually is part of a future dialogue one hopes. For those of us that float around on the surface, these are still pretty deep 😉 I love seeing the images that you and Ann make down there. Enjoy!

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