Paradise Hills

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Sep 072012
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Another lesson from my birds and feathers.  I love the beauty that is expressed within feathers.  The colours, the patterns, the flowing lines, the way they relate to one another.  I couldn’t help note the similarities between what I was seeing and the landscape forms that surround me.  It seems to me that everything outside us is so intimately connected and I suspect that what is outside us is intimately connected within us too.  So when I look at this image I experience a divine communion.  It brings me peace, joy, gratitude and a sense of the sacred.

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  7 Responses to “Paradise Hills”

  1. OMG my chin is on the floor, I’m not qualified in any way to make a comment on this.

  2. Dynamic image, I can see the beauty of mother nature being expressed here, I can see the landscape within this image. You have done a masterly job with this visual poem you are sharing with us all, the textures, the connecting lines & lovely colours add to the strength of this image.As you say it is a peaceful image.:)

  3. OK you guys, I’m going to accept your bouquet of compliments with grace and gratitude. It’s one of my favourite pieces.

  4. This is so BEAUTIFUL, Pauline. Thank you!

  5. wonderful and so expressive

  6. Masterful! Pauline and I have been having a conversation about our respective ways of working and Pauline, to me, this is a perfect example of why your focus on working on a particular technique intensively is important. Your work then doesn’t just communicate, it sings with earthsong. You honour your subjects by placing much importance on telling their story in the purest way possible. This is a particular skill of yours; celebrate it 🙂

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