Spring in Little Hagley

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Sep 062012
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Spring 2010.  It’s the middle of a sunny day, in mid-October.  While things in Christchurch were far from pre-earthquake normal, compared with what was to come, most of us were still able to escape to corners where we could feel normal for a while.  So we stopped in at Little Hagley and enjoyed some time playing with the flowers and new leaves on the trees. 
This beautiful little tree was tucked in amongst its elders, with a blue carpet at its feet.  It was breezy, so it was dancing around in the sunshine.


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  3 Responses to “Spring in Little Hagley”

  1. Whenever I see images like this one, of the spring flowers laid out under the trees, it makes me feel like being invited to a banquet, a picnic with nature. Everything is laid out to perfection and the invitation if there for us to accept it if we wish. I love the etchy look about this image.

  2. Vicki, I wish I could make pictures like this! I keep coming back to it and feel as if, like Alice, I could step through the looking glass and it would be in a different world I found myself. Real but not.

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