By The Lake

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Sep 052012
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I made this at a workshop in Waikarimoana – it has been on my wall since then.

The square crop and the toned B+W are imaging tools that I started using around that time and that I have used often since then. For a time I overused them but now they come out when the time is right.

But this is most significantly a view from the edge of the water.

Im asking myself:

 Is this about the action of the waves on the place I am now
or Is it about the mysterious far side of the lake
 Is the water a barrier
or Is it a medium to cross over

Perhaps just nice complimentary patterns??

Im not sure that knowing matters – but it is interesting to think about……


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  4 Responses to “By The Lake”

  1. Having been at a similar spot at the same location I can only share what it felt like to me. It felt as if the lake was alive, every breath was represented by a gentle wave lapping at my feet. It’s is certainly a spiritual place, a place that deserves more investigation. I hope one day I can go back.
    Lovely capture Ian, you have taken me right back to that time!

  2. For me it is the foreshore, not so much the water’s edge. You and Ferg remember the lapping motion of the water and this image reminds you. But for me it is a still image and my eye goes to the texture and shape of the foreshore. Good thing we are all different.


  3. How we can all be in the same place and see it so differently! Across the great divide. An invitation to step into the unknown? From an aesthetic point of view I love the unusual wave patterns – the “blockiness” created that echoes the foreshore structure, a single wave that switches form in one breath, and the one closer in which one half seems to have disappeared entirely. Challenges our perceptions of the way waves roll against the shore in relentless and even patterns. Is this one part of the piece you made for the exhibition? If so, please would you put an image of the whole piece up? I loved the playoff between the water and the trees, and the way you had toned them.

    • Yes it is. I have “repackaged” this as part of a sequence of three images for a group exhibition.

      I will put the other one up next

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