Delicate Dahlia – Ann Bastion

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Sep 042012
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I have always been drawn to flowers, as a child I would be late to school because I was picking flowers on the way and lost track of time. I especially like white flowers, to me they have a fragility and softness that speak of innocence and fresh starts.
It is this that I have tried to capture here.

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  9 Responses to “Delicate Dahlia – Ann Bastion”

  1. You nailed it Ann.

    Welcome to aGathering

    • thanks for that Ian, I appreciate your comment especially in light of the fact you have said you are not a “flower person”

  2. Ann, this is complete proof of why I never photograph flowers. If you can’t do it well don’t do it at all. I can have no hope of doing it this well!
    Great to have you as a part of aGathering!

  3. Simply beautiful, Ann. I love flowers too, and your image is a joy to behold. I want to touch it, but ever so gently.

  4. Ann, how exquisite ! I can almost feel the filament-like fabric that floats beneath the dahlia. I’m hugely attracted to this aspect of your image.

  5. So delicate Ann, light and subtle. The colours are beautiful and I find myself working deeper and deeper into the centre. Thank you for joining us!

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