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I was involved in a conversation earlier this week that touched on marriage.  The crux of the discussion was that some people think marriage is “just a piece of paper” and makes no difference in the relationship.  The opposing thought was that the level of commitment is somehow increased by taking the step.

I dug in to the recent wedding shoot and pulled this image.  I had not considered my thoughts on the topic before cropping this image 2 weeks ago, but now I know why I handled it this way.  I am firmly in the camp which believes marriage is a public declaration of intent, commitment and accountability to your spouse, family, friends and the rest of the world.  I defended that point during the discussion, but it was most interesting to see my subconscious thoughts depicted visually

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  1. I, too, stand alongside you in believing that declaring in public is an important part of a marriage ceremony. I place a huge value in the sacredness of the words spoken at this time. After photographing weddings for a few years I continually struggled with the superficial attitudes and intentions that many of the wedding days elicited. I feel better now that I select very carefully whether of not I will photograph a wedding. This way I figure that I can bring my true intent to the day and the images that I make for the wedding couple.

  2. I think your last sentence is a very powerful one. I guess that is exactly what makes photographing on commission or doing weddings so difficult. No matter how hard we try, some of our own beliefs and values come through in our work. With weddings I guess that is the crux really in people getting what they want from the photographer. That the couple and the photographer share similar values. Or that the photographer is very skilled in stepping away from his/her own beliefs.

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