Lines in the Snow

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Aug 312012
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“It is the Photographer not the camera that is the instrument” Eve Arnold

Recently I have gone on a journey of discovery, looking into more of the old masters thoughts & writings. What a wealth of interest & intrigue they offer us if we care to ask? I recently read an article on William Mortensen who by all accounts was an interesting character; at various times Ansel Adams called him the “devil “or even the “Anti- Christ”, for the strangeness of his work, but if you look at his work from the time it was produced 1930’s it was amazing. When we see what the likes of Dominic Rouse produces today, I wonder what Edward Weston or even Ansel Adams would make of his work.

The medium of photography can record not only what the eye sees, but that which the mind’s eye sees as well. The camera is not only an extension of the eye, but of the brain.

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  1. Thanks Scott – I hadnt seen any of Mortensons work so I googled him. I spent an hour or so looking at some facinating and very theatrical work

  2. Part of my current journey is to rediscover some classics & I think this is one of those long forgotten ones, glad you like it.

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