Safe Haven

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Aug 302012
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If an image is an insight to the soul of the photographer I have to be happy looking back on the last few posts I have put up. They are all quite tranquil and peaceful. A lot different place than some of my work would have you believe that I'm in.
It's quite encouraging really!!!
It is hard to, when faced with a scene such as I was faced with here to not feel the inner peace that, in my humble opinion, this image portrays. Otago Harbour is a place of beauty, certainly not always peaceful beauty, but beauty none that less.
This image was taken just a few kilometres away from Aramoana, the location of the terrible massacre in 1990.
A lot of people also forget it was to be the location of an aluminium smelter that, through public protests, was stopped in the late 1970's. It was all a part of Rob Muldoon's great “Think Big” project and well we all know now just how stupid an idea that was………

Such a tranquil area with such a turbulent past.

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  1. This is stunning Ferg, so simple and serene.

  2. I remember the day and the “mood of the ocean” which you have captured brilliantly.

    “Mood of the ocean” sounds like it couild be the title of some sort of project…….

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