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Aug 272012
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One of my favourite places is Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit.  We spent a lot of time there when I was a kid – fishing, exploring, watching out for katipos, cooking over fires, camping under canvas, finding all manner of ‘treasures’, and hiding from the wind.  It was glorious!
Whenever I get the opportunity I head out there for a wander and a poke around.  It’s a place that always puts a smile on my dial. 
Anyway, this is an image from my most recent trip.  The cliffs on the Banks Peninsula end of the spit tower over you.  They look dark and foreboding in my image, but they’re not really.  They’re magnificent, and beautiful, and uplifting.  But I think the image would be far less without the bright little seagull.

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  1. I like this image Vicki. It makes me think of how we all try to walk our spiritual way through this world, we all walk a gauntlet of our choices. Holding onto a vision at the end is needed to give ourselves a true flight path. Yes, I like this image.

  2. The bird has come across an immovable obstruction. It’s just going to fly round it. A metaphor for life really.

  3. I knew I liked this image and I felt uplifted by it, but I didn’t understand why. Thank you both so much!

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