Cosy Nook Waves

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Aug 262012
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A bit further along the South Coast from Colac bay is Cosy Nook. Again my first instinct drew me to the waters edge.

More waves, more clouds, more patterns……

Perhaps when you see something once it becomes part of your own perspective on the world and you simple see the same thing again and again. Or perhaps there is more to it than that…..

On the “great southern road trip” I found myself drawn the waters edge time and time again. But when I look back into my files at older work this is not a new thing. There are lots of “edge of the water” pictures.

I wonder why??

Time to concentrate on making more and find out ….

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  2 Responses to “Cosy Nook Waves”

  1. Ian, I like the way the sky seems to be rushing to meet the sea, and the way the sea is rushing to meet the shore. Maybe you are drawn to the water’s edge in a search for where your known values are challenged by an unknown environment. Now that’s always a bit scary.

    • Thanks Pauline – Its a bit dissapointing when something challenging and unknown becomes scary. Too long in a comfort zone perhaps

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