Snowy Trees revisited

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Aug 202012
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As we head quickly to summer, or whatever tries to make out its spring I have another from my recent trips to Te Anau.
We took a trip up the Von Valley road and it was completely snowed in. I was just so beautiful, everything shrouded in a white blanket.
On the skyline in the distance I saw these trees, a small clump in an otherwise blank canvas.

Why are they there?
Why have they not either been flattened by the farmer or by the forces of nature?
So many questions so few answers……..

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  1. I saw the same trees and it didnt occur to me to wonder why they are there.

    All I was thinking was “how do I use them in my picture arrangement”.

    Another lesson re-learned. If I had thought more about why I was making a picture instead of how then the result would automatically have meant more

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