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Aug 192012
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I made this image with tripod in the water off Onawe as the sun set and did the mirror thing to see what was there … and look who was.

Could be Te Ruaparaha, the concerning war lord. Although he seemed more concerned with extermination than ruling. The episode involving Te Ruaparaha using european ships to transport his warriors to war is said to be a contributing factor in the English desire to expose a rule of law, So it could be the ” crown” .

Yes the rocks were , almost, that golden.
The exact details of the events talked about in the preceding posts seem to differ from source to source. So its a best, very abridged, guess. But there is also a lot more to the whole story too. The level of treachery, vengeance and mindless violence makes most action/ epic/ war movies pale in comparison. and it happen here only a hundred and eighty years ago.

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  1. Interesting, my first view immeditally took me to the inside of an office block that I once had the misfortune to attend. Something out of the 60’s I guess. The wood covered foyer in the warm tones. I could just about smell it.
    Strange eh!

  2. That is absolutely stunning. Im glad you “did the mirror thing”. The monochromatic tonal range you must have got in the original image is just amazing! beautiful image post editing.

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