The Sistine Chapel

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Aug 182012
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I’ve been reading a bit of art history lately and looking at the sculptural and painting works of Michaelangelo.  It got me thinking about how artists such as Michaelangelo try to create their interpretation or perception of the beauty and majesty of God.  Holding these thoughts in mind I took my camera out to the trees which, for me anyway, are a partial representation of the living canvas of creation.  I brought a curious and open mind to the exercise of choosing when to release the shutter and then applied my by line of “What if…” to the processing stage.  Somehow there are whispers of forms, lines, suggestions, frustratingly close to a sense of almost seeing something there.

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  2 Responses to “The Sistine Chapel”

  1. An interesting exercise here Pauline.

    Im finding it quite frustrating to study because it is so indistinct. I looked at it, gave up and came back to it. Each time I nearly saw something new. But thats the issue it wont sit still enough to interpret.

    • I agree. The image irritates me from that aspect, I get so close to thinking there is something there. If you want to think of it being a metaphor for life then that is also how I feel sometimes. You know getting a sense that there is more to what you see in front of you but not having the wisdom or capacity to understand it.

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