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Aug 172012
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Andrew’s my 21 year old son.  He’s familiar with me pointing a camera at him – he’s had that experience all his life.  But it was easier.  Now, willingness is related to how ‘obliged’ he’s feeling.  At the moment he’s living with us, temporarily, which gives me added leverage.  And he’s been pretty good company.  I think he’s growing up.

Anyway, capturing him with a lens is a quick operation, which requires his cooperation.  He pulls lots of different faces – puts on a ‘nice’ face for a split second, then moves.  It’s a game, obviously, and while I’m getting better at it, he’s still way ahead of me.   This photographer is not in control of these portrait sessions!

Andrew has a great sense of fun and a big, wicked smile.  And I caught it, but only the once, so far.  But I do have other images that are ‘keepers’.  Maybe he’ll keep growing up and there’ll be more.  🙂

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  1. Wow you have done a lot of post processing on this image. You must have because there is no way you are nearly old enough to have a 21 year old!!!

  2. perhaps you shoud try one of those fancy 12 frames per second 1DX cameras!!!

    No scratch that suggestion – you have done a fabulous job already and a car is probably more use than a huge camera

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