Patterns at Colac Bay

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Aug 162012
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On the south coast, not far from Riverton, we stopped beside a wind battered tree. But I was immediately drawn to the waters edge.

With an ultra wide angle lens on my camera I got close to the edge of the water as the gentle waves reached the shore. A number of the waves nearly gave me wet feet but I managed to jump out of the way just in time.

I really enjoy how the wide angle lens makes an abstract image out of something we see all of the time. Our field of view is similar to that which the lens sees but we just concentrate on a small bit in the middle.

Initially I was focusing on the waves with the camera in landscape orientation, but eventually I saw that the clouds were also asking to be noticed. This portrait view captured them both.

Nature if full of beautiful patterns that we just need to take the time to see.

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  7 Responses to “Patterns at Colac Bay”

  1. fantastic image, Ian. Composition, lens choice, lighting, and toning to name just a few. A winner imho

  2. I like this image Ian. For me it is about the reflection of the sky and the land, of Rangi and Papatuanuku.

  3. Simple but, it makes me want to dip my toes in the sea at Colac bay & play with the dolphins. The use of triangle shapes in your composition are strong, well done enjoyable image.

  4. An image of patterns and shapes – beautifully balanced.

  5. I’ll get back to you when I’ve had time to read & absorb, by for now just “WOW!”

  6. As I remember you shouted “Stop, trees!!!” next thing bing bang bong you disappeared and I was left with the trees. Looks like you went he right way and I didn’t.
    The patterns in nature are so interesting and everywhere should we choose to see them.
    Well seen.

  7. Love this, look up John Paul Caponigro it might be down your ally

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