The Golden Valleys – Trey Ratcliff

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Aug 152012
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I’ve taken to going out on random drives around New Zealand. I put on music and just follow the sun around. It ducks behind and beyond mountains and valleys, so I turn this way and that, and often get out to hike around inaccessible areas. It’s the middle of the winter here, so the sun is always quite low, so we get nice, extended sunrises and sunsets. Every now and then, the sun gets into a certain angle and everything is bathed in gold…


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  3 Responses to “The Golden Valleys – Trey Ratcliff”

  1. Welcome to NZ Trey! It’s very interesting to hear and see how a newcomer deals with our light and landscape down here. And what impressions drive the vision. This site is about inspiring creativity so it is fantastic to see this through your eyes. Thanks!

  2. Great to see you and your family here, and that you found agathering.

  3. Welcome Trey, to NZ and aGathering. I know that spot well and you’ve shown it with great character. Your linked time-lapse video is wicked; you’ve been spending your time well since you arrived!

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