The Foundations of Marriage

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Aug 142012
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My mobile phone rang at 10:09 on Friday night. The moment was unusual in that nobody uses my mobile phone since it will often go missing for days at a time. It was also an odd time to call anyone at home. Chris was calling because his wedding photographer could not make the 11:00 am ceremony on Saturday morning. It was probably just as well that I had little notice, else I would have worried immensely more than I did in the following 12 hours.

I do not like to shoot weddings because I place a great deal of importance on the event, and the pressure to capture that successfully (even just from a technical standpoint) does my head in. I love the joyousness of the occasion, but the contemplative aspects of choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with gives me no end of inspiration.

Chris and Johanna's nuptials were particularly strong in faith, and the priest did a wonderful job of emphasizing the importance of this without sounding like a preacher. The camera gave me a bit of license to find a better viewpoint, and I am pleased to have witnessed a few clues to the strengths this newly wed couple will build their life on. Their faith, support of their friends and a genuine love for each other that brings tears to my eyes even now.

Bless you Chris and Johanna, I am happy to be even a small part of your journey.

p.s. A giant thank-you to Cody, Fernandez and Heidi who came to help with more cameras and more ideas. It was a truly great team effort!

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  6 Responses to “The Foundations of Marriage”

  1. Glad to see that all went well.

  2. Great job Dave.

    You realise, of course, having fronted up with no time to prepare and done the job that they will recommend you to their friends.

    You will be the first one asked next time!!

  3. Beautiful Dave. I can imagine the stress, but I can’t imagine you doing anything but the most professional job. Combined with your understanding of the meaning of their union, and your wonderful way with light, I bet they’ll be very happy.

  4. Like your comment about genuine love bringing tears to your eyes – a beautiful time to capture forever.

  5. Thanks for the positive comments everyone… I am still coming down from the adrenaline and up from the lack of sleep. Never Again… famous last words 😉

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