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Aug 132012
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One of the most enjoyable aspects of my “real” life, apart from banging in nails, is still being able to get out on farms. I miss the farm life and have struggled in town for the past 14 years; neighbours way too close for comfort. Thanks to the amazing support of the agricultural consultants I used to work for, I get the opportunity each year to get around a selection of their farms and take photographs for the calendar I produce for them annually.

Its fantastic. Grovelling around in the sheep yards; out on the back of the farm bike, hanging on for dear life, racing through the paddocks and along races, all the while being regaled with the state of the agricultural economy. The farmers I visit are, without exception, very willing participants and there’s always a fair bit of hilarity involved. No pretences. No airs or graces. Just wonderful, natural people. Love it.

And their animals.

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  1. Wonderful image and story, Jen. It is definitely the eyes in those lovely sensitive heading dogs (presume they are such) that create a really strong emotion. I can relate to your story. We used to photograph our dogs too. Especially their eyes. We miss our farm even though it was physical hard work. And it is only seven years since we sold it!!!

    • I have shared this wonderful image with my husband who thinks they don’t look like pure collies! Maybe I got it wrong . . .

  2. “I hope she doesnt make my nose look big in that photo!!” – says Miss September…

    Great photo Jen and the project sounds brilliant

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