Snowy Trees

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Aug 102012
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Sometimes an image doesn't have to tell a story to be enjoyable to behold.
This image was a time and a place that was special to me but really would bore the pants of everyone else.
I would be very interested to see how some of you react to it………

Does it say anything to you?

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  7 Responses to “Snowy Trees”

  1. Ferg I just love it. The scoop of the track encloses and wraps around the trees which are all exquisite. Simple but very effective.

  2. snap 😉

  3. I am with Pam,I love the way the track leads you to the strongest & brightest tree, nice work

  4. Clever, clever, clever Ferg. How you have honed the photographers eye, I think it has been nurtured in all the shots you did on a daily basis. This shot has sat with me for a few days as I felt my way through it. Weirdly my first reaction was “lollipops” as I saw the colour of the trees sticking up from the blank snow. Then I went away and thought about it a bit more and decided that I liked it because it reminded me that despite things sometimes being covered in something akin to blank nothingness you never know what vibrant forces and colour is still there, either in recess or awaiting its time. Jeez, I think I might trade in my photographers hat for a philosophers one. You always make me smile, you’re on my radar.

  5. So beautiful. So perfect. I want to follow that road…..

  6. I’ve sat with this Ferg, especially as I’ve seen it before, trying to pin down what does it so perfectly for me. It would lose something in black & white, even though I often prefer simple images in monochrome. Its really the road that is key for me, and it reminds me of the brushstrokes of the Zen painters. So apparently simply & casually placed, but in reality showing all the experience and artistic values that have been gathered to date. You do it well.

  7. Love this one Ferg. It’s a good example of my favourite quote from Leonard Cohen, let’s not question an image that seems to have its own validity. It just looks right.

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