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So the warriors at Onawe wait in their well fortified Pa for Te Ruaparaha’s well armed warriors to arrive. Knowing Kaiapoi has just been sacked. They are overjoyed to see only a small force turn up in waka and go out to deal to them. Meanwhile the rest of Te Ruaparahas force come out from hiding and lay siege to the lightly defended Pa from the other side. They still can’ t take it though. So say they want peace and eventually send in some slaves, captured from Kaiapo,i with others to negotiate the peace. Once inside they turn and slaughter those inside and proceed to kill everybody.

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  4 Responses to “Massacre”

  1. So was Te Rauparaha a tactical genius or a savage butcher??

    • in my opinion Ian he was both. I am continually astounded that mankind can bring such genius to the ways of killing itself. I lament the lost potential that could be directed in supporting each other and the environment we live in.

  2. Tim, l love this image. I’m drawn first to the blood red strength and think solid, secure but then notice the wisps of something infiltrating this feeling. At first I thought the wisps were like Te Rauparaha’s force creeping into the killing fields but then I thought perhaps it is the opposite, perhaps it is the ability we have to make choices to change the blood red colour that flows from such idiotic situations.

  3. A greedy opportunist with few scruples. Did a lot of damage to Maoridom. The haka “ka mate” should be outlawed in the South Island.

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