The Escaping Shadow – Nigel Kerby

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Aug 052012
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I find the images that leave an impression with me are those that either tell a story or give me enough to let my imagination fill out my version. Just being pretty isn't enough. So this one, The Escaping Shadow, caught my attention as a bold graphic, but it needed more. Hence removing my model but leaving her shadow leads one to wonder what went on behind the door ………

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  4 Responses to “The Escaping Shadow – Nigel Kerby”

  1. I must be thick – even with the title I didnt see it.

    The is clearly something odd and I was drawn to the “person” but didnt notice your model removal trick. Even now it looks like a missing shadow not a missing person.

    That certainly makes it edgy..

    • Not thick, Ian. Probably because the model (me) was so close to the wall, my shadow is very distinct and looks more like a darkly dressed person [with a missing shadow]. In the bright light of the sunset I was well lit in fact. The wall is the end of the Hoyts in Moorhouse Ave. We think it must be anti-graffiti paint that caused the marvellous reflection – the whole wall usually looks black.

  2. Nigel, when I first saw this image it disturbed my eye. There was something that didn’t compute. My poor wee brain processed what it saw but couldn’t make sense of it. It intrigued me and kept drawing me back. To me this is the sign of a great image.
    After reading what you have done I now understand just why I puzzled so much.
    An impressive image that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, just the way it should. Well done.
    Welcome to aGathering, this is the kind of image that I really enjoy!

  3. Welcome to aGathering Nigel, it feels like you’re already family 🙂 Thanks for the post and such a dramatic image. I love the light from the walls – amazing.

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