Forest for the trees

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Aug 042012
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To borrow and mangle a phrasing from Zack Arias: I've been running down a path at 100 miles per hour, and I can't see the forest for the trees.

Now I'm not one to do blurry trees just to prove I can. Indeed, many have and will continue to apply an infinitely better technical execution. But I had an opportunity to slow down a couple of weeks ago. As enjoyable as it was, I have been paying the price since. A million little things that need to get done. Three days of down time seems to have caused 10 days of work to catch up. I've taken a fleeting moment to reflect between the fast approaching branches and realized that my path has been incorrectly steered by the little things. I have a set of goals and values and it is time to let those be my compass again.

There is no technical wisdom here, no deep story. Just me in a foul mood and in a perpetual hurry. What I wouldn't give to pitch a tent in the woods and revert back to shelter, food and sleep.

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  2 Responses to “Forest for the trees”

  1. Looks like there is a path through those trees to me. I’m sure that is what the image is really about

  2. I think the pressure builds until something gives and one does the reevaluation thing. You’ve obviously come to an important conclusion and I hope that you can find the balance again. There’s always a way through – just not always where we expect it to be 🙂 Thank you for making the time to post!

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