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Aug 012012
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It is our job/ responsibility if you like to control where WE want the EYE to go in the image, we can do this by the Title, thus I wanted you to focus on the hand so I called it ‘The Hand” it is a shape your eye can easily recognize & I gave you a clue by the title.
Over the last couple of years I suppose I have been reading/studying the writings of several top fine art photographers, it has taken me sometime to really understand a small part of what they were trying to tell me/us. Over the last month I have had a few brain farts that have, well I believe so anyway, turned the light on a little brighter to where I want to go with my photography or should I say how I want my voice to be seen in my images? From the readings & listening’s I came up with 5 questions, I now ask myself before I press the shutter.
1. What has moved you to take your camera out?
2. What are the parts of the scene you need to capture?
3. What is the light like, Quality & Quantity?
4. What do you want the eye to focus on when viewed?
5. What are you trying to say by taking this image?

These questions are by no means my idea I have only, thanks to some over worked brain cells put them into a list that works for me, they came from many different sources. They have helped me.
 I would like to thank;
Vincent Versace
John Paul Caponigro
David duChemin
Jay Maisel
Tony Corbell
Peter Eastway
Edward Weston

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  5 Responses to “The Hand”

  1. Where is everyone, I thought someone would have commented on this post. Maybe the world has gone into a different time dimension from me, that would explain a lot really????????????????

  2. Still recovering from LTWS…..

    On your list 1 and 5 are the Why and 2,3 and 4 are the How do I express it.

    I like the idea of a defined process to get your head and your vision in the right place. Having said that often the response is automatic and is based on thinking done beforehand. Mike Langfords “title the image first” is a simple way to start down this track.

    To produce a merge of the thinking of that impressive list of names is a great way forward

  3. Thanks for the feedback Ian, asking myself these questions causes me to slow down & think before I shoot, rather than shoot first & ask questions later. I agree with Mike’s idea & have done this many times myself, but you still need to be aware of your voice & know what you want the final image to say.

  4. I dont know about you but sometimes I just “find” things in post.

    One of the reasons I like to work in projects is that I do some of this sort of thinking before I get out with my camera. Then a subconcious takes over and magic things happen.

    I like your message and your way of doing it but what Im saying is that thinking is the important thing and there are many ways of approaching the problem

    • Absolutely I couldn’t agree with you more, thinking is important & yes there is many ways to address the problem I think we all need to do this in our own way. I am embarking on a major project at the moment, if all goes well, will be submitted to a board of International judges in about 2 years time. All the studying I have been doing over the last while has helped in the progress of this.

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