Old Debts

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Jul 312012
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More background on the last post.

In brief , Te Ruaparaha had been down and raided Ngai tahu , not totally successfully. He sent some men in to Kaiapoi Pa on the pretence of trading, but Ngai Tahu were not fooled and ate them . He returned to Akaroa harbour on a British ship and tricked the Ngai tahu warrior responsible on to coming aboard with a wife and daughter. Bad things happened to them all They raided local villages at killed more people there. Te Ruaparaha came south again trying to wipe out Ngai Tahu. He killed or enslaved everybody at Kaiapoi Pa. So the Folks at Onawe built at very well fortified Pa on the peninsula.


I made this image as a multiple in camera. I fortunatly had a tee shirt with the Maori design on.

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  1. In camera!! wow!

    This works and Im really looking forward to seeing where this goes

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