Looking towards Mt Aspiring

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Jul 302012
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I was escorted to the top of Little Mt Isa in Central Otago recently, lucky me.
This is the view from the top of the mountain just after the sun had dropped below the horizon. It can't really convey the beauty that was in front of me.
What you also can't feel is the bitter biting wind that was reaching places that wind was never meant to reach. That just added to the beauty that I was witness to this day.
It got me thinking, as we came down the mountain, that we often get into a situation like this where it is impossible to capture the beauty and the feeling that is placed gently in front of us. Sometimes it is better to just put the camera away and enjoy the view for what it is, an opportunity in life and other times you try to capture it the best you can.
I'm glad I followed the latter path this time………….

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  2 Responses to “Looking towards Mt Aspiring”

  1. I’m glad you captured it too, Ferg. I love the gentle way you bring yourself respectfully to these moments and you honour the process in so doing and of course we get to share the sacred moment too. I’m glad you share with us, it makes me feel special to stand beside you.

  2. Very nice Ferg, lucky you came back that day. You really have captured the moment. Good job.

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